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Yaraslau I. Kot

Yaraslau I. Kot


PhD, MBA, MPsych. Game designer and researcher since 1996. participated in creation of over few hundred gaming titles. Is CEO of "ComBat Vision" AR game company. Co-owner of Business Advisers Law and Tax Firm. Cofounder of Belorussian Game Dev Association (BelGameDev). Author and coauthor of over hundred books and articles about games including published in 2018: in UK\ USA "Role-playing game studies: Transmedia foundations"; in Denmark "Imagine This"; in USA "Shuffling the Deck"; etc. Co-organised many gamedev conferences and is cofounder and jury member of Central and East European Games Award.


VR specialities

What is VR and what are it's faces. Some less popular types of VR. How VR affects human being. Some innovations. Market. Possibilities: present and future of VR.