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Martin Sobek

Martin Sobek

Lead Rendering Engineer
Hangar 13

Passionate about making games since 1992. Martin studied computer science at Masaryk University in Czech Rebublic with a specialization in computer graphics. He joined Illusion Softworks in 2007 and worked on 'Mafia II', then moved to Hangar 13 in California in 2013 and led the rendering team towards a successful release of Mafia III. Moved back to the Brno office of Hangar 13 in Jan 2018.


Insights into Hangar 13 Rendering Engine

Martin will walk you through an overview of the rendering engine used in Mafia III and the latest additions to it. It is an evolution of Mafia II rendering engine with significant improvements and big stress on dynamic changes like time of day, weather and player impact. It’s intended for engineers interested in computer graphics.