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Krzysztof Pachulski

Krzysztof Pachulski

Technical Evangelist
Epic Games

Krzysztof Pachulski, a Technical Evangelist at Epic Games. A generalist, but mostly interested in shaders, particles, programming, and optimization. He has a wide knowledge about Unreal Engine, that he wants to share with the community. He loves people and their creativity and wants to help them use Unreal to unlock their full potential.


Taking particles to the next level with Niagara

Niagara is a new Unreal Engine's visual effect system that comes with a robust toolkit to replace Cascade. It allows the VFX designer to fully control every parameter without the need for c++ programming. It's modular and takes away a lot of limits introduced by the older system. Makes your work fast, clean and reusable. During the talk, I'll introduce Niagara and show how to use its various features to make particle systems behave as you desire.