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As a part of Game Access ’19 schedule there will take place a unique Round Table. Sitting at the table, ten representatives of the game industry will discuss the selected topics and share their ideas and experience for learning something new. Game Access Round Table is a perfect opportunity to meet colleagues from other countries for starting a fruitful dialog growing into collaboration afterwards. It is available for Premium Pass holders only. But unfortunately the capacity is very limited. The pre-registration is open, though not for a long time. So, hurry up!

Friday (May 24th)


Leadeship and games production

> Matias Myllyrinne (CEO, Redhill Games)
> Miloš Jeřábek (Executive Producer, Redhill Games)

How to build a perfect team for making successful games? What should a good leader do during the game production process? Does the success depend on leadership skills? All this you will be able to discuss with your colleagues from different countries as well as with Miloš Jeřábek and Matias Myllyrinne.


Sound and voiceovers

> Mark Estdale (Director and Founder, OMUK)
> Rob Carr (Audio Designer, Wargaming)

Music and the story told with the appropriate voices and emotions are very important parts of the game helping to create a special atmosphere and to understand the plot. How to find the best actors and sounds? What difficulties are waiting for you? Discuss these and other questions with the colleagues including Mark Estdale and Rob Carr to find all the answers.


Crunchy truth

> Ari Arnbjörnsson (Lead Programmer, Housemarque)

The crunches are well-known friends (or enemies?) of all the game developers. But are they really necessary? What do the crunches do: hurt or help? Together with Ari Arnbjörnsson and other colleagues you will look for the other ways to make a game at time and save your health, families and free time.

Saturday (May 25th)


Alternative programming languages for making games

> Jonathan Blow (President, Thekla, Inc)

New programming languages appear every year. Some of them will never be popular, but the others keep growing and evolving to become something more than just an alternative. Should the game developers learn and use different programming languages? How can they change the game industry? Discussion is going to be intriguing and useful.


Design and production of a successful f2p mobile game

> Petri Ikonen (Creative Director, EA tracktwenty)

There are lots of free-to-play mobile games on the market. Some of them become popular, the others stay in shadow. Why does it happen? How to catch the players and make them love your game? Discuss design and production of f2p mobile games with EA representatives and your colleagues to find your path to success!


Working abroad

> Miloš Jeřábek (Executive Producer, Redhill Games)
> Lukáš Codr (Executive producer, Virtuos)

Working abroad is very interesting and attractive for game developers but also it can be scary and hard to venture upon a new step. What is waiting for you in another country? How to make life abroad calm and comfortable? What kind of difficulties you can face? Find the answers to your questions discussing it with Miloš Jeřábek, Lukas Kodr and other colleagues.


Financial support for game development

> Daniela V. Staníková (Director, Creative Europe Desk CZ)

Creative Europe is an EU programme which provides financial support for game development. What are the conditions and award criteria for financing? What other opportunities does Creative Europe offer for game developers? Join the discussion and find it out.