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Planet Gula

Straitjacket Entertainment
Planet Gula

Planet Gula is a Real-Time Strategy Game with no-micromanagement for smartphones, tablets and PC. It is a unique combination of RTS + MOBA and Tower Defense, inspired by:

  • Castle Fight (~Warcraft 3 custom map),
  • Dota2 and League of Legends.

The main goal is to beat your online enemies in multiplayer mode. You can explore the map, build buildings, set-up defense and fight. During combat, you can react quickly by choosing different defense methods via Mutations and LevelUps to beat your enemy and be declared the winner! RTS part is inpired by Starcraft, Age of Empires. There're 3x races each with 6x units. Each unit has unique abilities, eg: critical-hit, stun, regeneration and so...

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